Portable goat fencing

So, we have weeds and lots of them. And goats – two Nigerians. It seemed that the time had come to put the two together. We considered repurchasing electronet – we sold our set up when we sold the Icelandics – but money isn’t the flushest right now and it just seemed that with everything we had laying around, there had to be some way to make due. After all, if the world ended or our finances were really dire, just ordering up something isn’t exactly realistic. And adding to landfills or buying things when we have another option are the order of the day here at Flannelberry Farm so…


Enter Jason and the trampoline.

[I know this is a perfect place for a picture but I haven’t one 😦  ]


So, years ago we bought a trampoline and now, in the way of modern things, it had come to the end of its days. Fortunately for our house – the members of our house who still love to bounce – a friend of a friend was selling their trampoline cheap.
‘What has this got to do with goats?’ you ask. Yes, yes, I’m getting to the goats.


Here’s a pic of them grazing by the old trampoline:



We bought the new to us trampoline and now had a manky, broken down old one sitting in our yard and the new one as well (not so attractive). So J decides that perhaps this combined with the stucco wire we have left over from fencing the garden might make an ok portable goat pen.





Rosebud, our older girl, isn’t so sure how she feels about being SO contained when there’s so much ADHD eating to be done but she’s doing ok. Chomping between the baaaaas. Athena (the little one) is also a little perplexed but much quiter about it. My personal fave are the full mouth gurgley baaaas where there is the combination of happy eating (as evidenced by the full mouth) and disconcerted baaaing.

Of course I just realized the time and that her udder must be so full. Time to let Athena have a wee bit of milk, I think.



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9 responses to “Portable goat fencing

  1. Aaron

    Thank you for this great idea! Picking up a frame tomorrow that a friend is throwing away and doing this.

    • I’m so glad I could help. I wish I could take credit for it but my husband came up with it. Right now it’s being used as a chick brooder. I didn’t ever think a broken down trampoline could have so many uses!

      Do you have goats?

  2. jenn richards

    you are geniuses! THX for the idea….

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  4. nikki

    Just wondering how you get them in and out is there a gate?

  5. Wonderful ingenuity and recycling too!

  6. Heidi

    This is amazing! Thank you so much!

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